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A web site to get the government's attention on some important issues and make them listen to the people.

What this site is about

The purpose of this web site is to send a message to the government and elected officials in a manner that gets their attention. Although the government isn't supposed to be spying on the people, we all know they do anyhow. The government monitors and investigates web sites that contain certain key words like; apocalypse, agents, Aryan race, Aryan, assassination, ATF, atomic weapons, atomic, bin laden, blood, bomb, bomb making, break in, bribes, burning, car bomb, chemical weapons, child abuse, child pornography, child sex abuse, China, Christ, Christian, CIA, civil forfeiture, classified, cocaine, communism, communists, computer hackers, computer virus, conspiracy, constitution, constitutional, coop, crack, crackers, cracking, credit card numbers, crimes, cult, cults, date rape, date-rape, DEA, declaration of independence, defection, democracy, department of justice, dictatorship, DMT, documents, double agent, drug smuggling, drugs, embassy, encryption, end of the world, espionage, explosives, FBI, flag burning, flag, free speech, gangs, GHB, God, guns, hacker, hackers, hacking, handgun, hate groups, heroin, hijacking, hippies, Hitler, holy war, hostages, humanity, information, international smuggling pipeline, Iran, Iraq, Jesus, judges, justice, KGB, kill judges, kill lawyers, kill, KKK, Kremlin, Ku Klux Klan, law, left wing conspiracy, LSD, Mafia, Marxist, McVeigh, media conspiracy, media, Military, militia, missiles, Moonies, morals, morphine, Moscow, murder, Nazi, nerve gas, neo Nazi, neo-nazi, news media, news, NSA, nuclear secrets, organized crime, overthrow the government, para-military, paramilitary, patriots, Pentagon, peyote, plot, plutonium, poison, police, politicians, president, prison, press, psychedelics, racism, radiation, rape, religion, republic, revolution, right wing conspiracy, right wing, right, rights, ruby ridge, Russia, Satan, satanic ritual abuse, satanism, second coming, secret, shooting, smuggling, socialism, socialists, Soviet Union, spies, spy, spying, supremacy, terrorism, the proletariat, teleban, threats, traitors, treason, Trojan, truck bomb, underground, uprising, USSR, violence, virus, Waco, war, warez, Washington, weapons, white aryan race, white house, whitehouse, world trade center, Zionist occupation government, Zionist and it causes their computers that spy on us to alert.

Dear FBI, be sure to read my entire web sites to make sure I'm not a terrorist.

Because I use these words, I know that the government will read this web page, and perhaps pass on some of my concerns about the state of our country to the powers that be in order for them to fix it before people like me actually do start calling for a revolutionary war. I am giving the government warning here about real threats to society and it would be smart if the government employees who are reading this page listen up and make changes. The People are the Fourth Branch of Government and we have a duty, as citizens, to protect our democratic freedoms.

Can I actually overthrow the government?

No I can't, for one simple reason. The government has already been overthrown. George W. Bush and his right wing Republican Bible thumping jesus freak cronies have already overthrown the government. The Republican Supreme Court usurped the powers of a monarchy and overrulled the Constitutuion and the Vote of the People and appointed Bush president. And got away with it with the support of the super rich, the Republican controlled media, the Moonies, and Bill Gates who sold our country out in hopes that Bush will not split up the Microsoft monopoly. (Note: MSNBC = Microsoft NBC). So I can't overthrow the government because there's no longer a government to overthrow.

I can't overthrow the government because it's already been overthrown.

225 years ago our forefathers came together to form a constitutional congress to create a government of the People. The original Constitution was the worlds real first attempt to create a government who serves the people rather than rules the people. But this constitution has serious flaws in that the judicial branch has opted out of the checks and balances and assumed the role of the King. Our leaders really aren't chosen by the people. Gore was appointed by Clinton. Bush was the republican with the most money. Both are losers. I think it's time to start over with a new Government and a new Constitution. Keep what works, but build on it.

The Constitution isn't a holy document to be worshiped. It derives it's power from a Consensus of the People and is an attempt for the people to achieve the goals of establishing Justice, insuring domestic Tranquility, providing for the common defense, promoting the general Welfare, and securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. it has provisions to be amended so as to perfect the methods of achieving those principles.

But amendment isn't the only way of changing the constitution. The people could also come together and form a new constitutional congress for the purpose of forming a new constitution and installing a new government for the purpose of forming and even more perfect union. And now that the United States exists in name only, we should consider starting the process of forming a new nation Maybe a nation of people who are not defined by a geographic location, and create a virtual nation of people who want to move self rule into the 21st century. Perhaps we can form The People's Nation of Planet Earth as an alternative nationality. Now that we have the technology to be virtual, why limit ourselves to governments defined by geographic location?

I call for the formation of a Constitutional Congress for the purpose of writing a new Constitution to create a new nation who's citizens are not defined by geographic location.

I hereby call for the formation of a Constitutional Congress for the purpose of writing a new Constitution. let us come together and write papers drawing from the best of all constitutions around the world and taking into account new technologies of the 21st century. Once it is written, we'll figure out what to do with it from there.

Serious Judicial Corruption

People before Lawyers
The Rights of the People come before the Profits of Lawyers
America does not have a judicial system. What we have is a criminal organization that is impersonating a judicial system. Strong words, but these words are true, and it's a very serious situation. I therefore invite the members of the FBI who are reading this page to investigate this to see if it's not true and have the Justice Department open up an investigation and put a stop to this.

America has a system of checks and balances where each branch of government watches over the other two. But the judiciary has Opted out of the Checks and Balances System and gave themselves the powers of Self Regulation. Because of this, judges are above the law, and they know it. Judges have ruled that they are Immune for most Civil Lawsuits what has had the effect of making decisions that completely ignores the law and the Rules of Court.

One prime example of judicial arrogance is the refusal of judges on the Missouri Supreme Court and Missouri Court of Appeals Southern District to sign orders of the court. I have called for the Missouri Legislature to file Articles of Impeachment against these judges, but they refuse to do so. Even though the rules of court require judges to sign orders of the court, these judges just up and decided to break the law and refuse to do so. This undermines the Constitution of Missouri and the Constitution of the United States and is the kind of government behavior that leads people towards overthrowing the government.

There is no law when judges are allowed to break the law.

Judicial arrogance is not limited to the state courts. The federal judiciary is every bit as corrupt, maybe more so. For example, I was Arrested in September of 1998 for the purpose of preventing me from appearing in court at a friends hearing. The Springfield Police attempted to get a warrant for my arrest but the warrant was denied. So they decided to arrest me anyhow and throw me in jail overnight. This kind of police behavior makes people want to overthrow the government.

I filed a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit against the cops and the City of Springfield. The case was assigned to federal judge Scott O. Wright who was clearly in the pocket of the city. Judge Wright overruled the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution and decided that a cop can come to your home on the middle of the night and haul you off to jail without a warrant, and that is a legal arrest. Read the Federal Judges Decision and see if you think it's constitutional.

When we allow federal judges to overrule the constitution and allow the police to make in home arrests after being denied a warrant, this crosses the line and undermines our rights and freedoms. Instead of the FBI investigating web pages like this one, they should be investigating the judges who caused people like me to post web pages like this in the first place. So if you are an FBI or justice department agent, and you are reading this web page, you are obligated as a duty to the people to open up an investigation into this and to stop these judges from violating our constitutional rights.

"The legal profession's relative autonomy carries with it special responsibilities of self government. The profession has a responsibility to assure that its regulations are conceived in the public interest and not in furtherance of parochial or self-interested concerns of the bar."

The abuse of federal judicial power isn't limited to just overruling the 4th Amendment to the constitution. We have another federal judge, Judge Russell G. Clark, who is involved in a conspiracy with the Law Firm of Wear and Sharp to conceal criminal conduct on the part of lawyers in order to protect the Missouri Bar's insurance company from liability. Judge Clark was a named conspirator in the federal lawsuit, nonetheless, Judge Clark, rather than disqualifying himself, dismissed the suit in order to protect his conspirators. There is currently an investigation in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, but they are already moving to cover it up. The judges of the Eighth Circuit are loyal to their brethren judges and not to the People of the United States, who they are bound to serve.

We citizens expect that the government has a duty to the people to clean itself up. Yet we see little cleanup and a lot of cover up. When the government fails to perform it's job it is the duty of the people to abolish the government and to form a new government to serve they people. I am not advocating that at this time. I am however, though use if the Internet and through this web page, advising the government that violations of the Constitution have occurred, and are still occurring, that are sufficient to justify contemplating an armed revolution.

A society that allows crooked lawyers to flourish has no justice system.

By allowing crooked lawyers to practice law, the government has sold our right to be married to the legal community who use the courts to destroy families at the expense of society. If your relationship fails, the government divides your property between two law firms leaving little or nothing for the family and the children. The government has become a tool to undermine the family structure of society and violate or right to live in peace as a family. Husbands and fathers are turned into criminal so lawyers can profit. This conduct is unacceptable. Although many lawyers might claim they don't practice law that way, almost all lawyers turn a blind eye and allow these practices to continue, and are therefore equally responsible.

The Price of Freedom

We hear stories of brave men in war who fought and dies for our freedom. They died to preserve Democracy, Liberty, and the American way of life. We talk about that as if we all know what that means, but most of us are clueless as we sit by and let the government slowly take our freedoms away in the name of crime and law enforcement. Not to say that law enforcement doesn't have it's place. We appreciate the job that law enforcement does, putting yourselves in harms way to protect us from the bad guys. But there are times when the effectiveness of law enforcement is in direct conflict with our liberties and freedoms and that we as a society are going to have to accept that we are going to have to accept some crime in order to be free.

If we arrested everyone for any crime and got rid of the Constitution, we would have a crime free society, It worked for Stalin in the Soviet Union. If you even thought about committing a crime you were executed. But is that what our founding fathers envisioned for America? I think not!

I am asking everyone to burn your census form in protest of abuse of judicial powers.

This is America, the land of the free. We can not and will not give up our freedom in exchange for the illusion of safety. In order to be free, there's going to be some crime. But the real crime is if we no longer have our freedom. This is important, especially now, at a time when we are developing technology that can turn the entire planet into slaves. In order to ensure that never happens, we need to defend the rights and freedoms of the individual to live life without government intrusion, without government spying, and without government control. What is the point in dying for liberty if we don't have any liberty to die for?

Crimes against Democracy include:

Message to the FBI and Justice Department

Since I got your attention with my "Overthrow the Government" theme, this is my message for you to take to your bosses and do something about. Specifically, I want you to investigate the Missouri Supreme Court to determine if the judges there are signing orders as they are required to by law. This is an easy investigation because any person can walk in off the street and look at the files and see that the judges are, in fact, not signing the orders and judgements. This also applies to the Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District. The Missouri Supreme Court has at least gone to the trouble to fake a signed judgement, where the appeals court actually refuses to do so.

The FBI and the Justice Department are among the few federal agencies with the jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute criminal conduct on the part of judges. These judges are requiring non-judges such as clerks and research lawyers to act with the power and authority of a judge and make judicial decisions while they are out playing Golf. You have a duty to the people to investigate this and put an end to it. I believe if you were to so much as call them on the phone and let them know you were thinking about a criminal investigation that they would start obeying the law.

I also want the FBI and Justice Department to investigate the Springfield Police Department and remind them that the police need to get warrants before making an arrest and not to be misled by the decision of a crooked federal judge.

I am asking you to investigate:

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